Donkey Kong im Bartisch

donkey kong bartisch

Auf diesem zum Bartisch modifizierten Fass kann man nicht nur sein Kaltgetränk abstellen, sondern auch nebenbei Donkey Kong daddeln. Forumsmitglied griffindod von der Spielautomaten-Community Arcade Controls hat das Teil gebastelt und stellt es für $1.500 zum Verkauf. Nach eigener Aussage ist es zunächst ein Versuch, um herauszufinden, ob er mit seinem Hobby Geld verdienen kann. Ich würde sagen: Ja.

Every time friends or family see my builds they always say the same thing “Oh you should make these and sell them”, to which my answer is always the same “It’s just not worth the man hours for what I could charge”. With that being said there are people quite successfully making bar tops and selling them on a regular basis, and, I assume, turning a profit of some kind.

So, I thought I’d have a go at a ‘Build-to-sell’ project, trying to maximize the value of the finished product while keeping a very tight record of all of my costs and time to see how practical it is to build for profit. The goal is to build something fun and desirable to a decent standard, while keeping costs and man-hours to a minimum.

To clarify, this is to see if someone who builds on a regular basis can knock out a small profitable project in the interest of raising some extra bucks for their hobby.

Target Sale Price: $1,500

For legal reasons, I will be building a cabinet that is completely ready to play vertical games and has an industry standard Jamma interface to receive any game board that is compatible with that plug and controls layout.

Man kann Donkey Kong also sogar mit jedem anderen Automaten dieses Industriestandards ersetzen - sofern das nötige Know How vorhanden ist.

Tolle Idee, ich würde mir das Ding sofort ins Wohnzimmer stellen.

Donkey Kong Bartisch: “A Barrel of Kong - A bar-height themed Cocktail Cab”

[via Neatorama]

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